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Healthy food delivery

Rations for the whole day with on-time delivery service

Daily price starts from 194 UAH/day

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Big variety of menu types accessible via single click

Late night cooked and packed

We will prepare your menu while you are still sleeping


Free morning home delivery of fresh cooked full day ration

Reach your fitness and health goal 2 times faster with balanced nutritioning

Menu personalization

Each menu is unique and designed separately for every client

100% natural

Our chef's prepare your meals with all natural ingredients

Free nutritionist support

We offer nutritionist support to help you get in shape and live better

Eco package

We use wheat straw plastic. It's recyclable and reusable

Touchless delivery

You can get packed menu without contacting courier

Dish details

Every dish has information about ingredients, proteins, fats, carbs

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Tatyana Koryachka

If you want to eat healthy food for all your meals, but do not have enough time to prepare them, then, Olly food is here to take away your problem. The nutritionist at Olly food will calculate the number of calories you need in a day and will create a menu accordingly. Olly food will make sure that your weight management goes as planned!

Pavlo Grabar

After I decided to return to my sports after a short break, I was worried about how I will take the time out for cooking. Then, I heard about Olly food and gave them a shot. They took into account all my dietary needs for weight management and prepared a menu exactly to fulfill them. Plus, the food is super tasty!

Our Kitchen

Professional and experienced chefs at your service


“ High quality and standards maintenance is my top priority ”

Brand Chief

Roman Serovoy

Professional and experienced chefs at your service

  • Always fresh ingredients
  • Hygienic and standardized cooking procedures
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Regular quality checks
  • Customized menu based on your specific fitness goals

We want to show people that healthy food can be incredibly tasty

So we decided to share with you few of our recipes. Click and enjoy :)

10 min

140 kcal


Tuna tataki salad

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  • 50g of tuna
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 2g of mint
  • 20g of Iceberg salad
  • 1g of basil
  • 10g of olive oil
  • 40g of cherry
  • 5g of microgreen
  • 1/4 garnet fruit



Do you use sugar or sweetener. If so, which one?

No, sugar is everywhere replaced by fructose, stevia, фі7 fit parade and honey.

Are you delicious?

Yes, this is our main goal - to show that healthy eating can be delicious. You will not guess that you are on a diet.

What kind of meat do you use?

We choose dietary meats: veal, chicken and turkey fillets. We do not use lamb, pork, rabbit and fatty parts of beef. We pay special attention to fish, which is presented daily in our menus. We do not use pangasius, catfish, mackerel, tilapia, eel, tile. Meat, fish, poultry are not subject to freezing.

Do you measure nitrate concentration in products?

Yes, we test all fresh vegetables and fruits on a nitrate tester. We pay special attention to the content of nitrates when changing suppliers. We also do not use canned foods.


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